Vomitorium: A Passage to the Roman Amphitheater or a Vomiting Room?


A Roman vomitorium might suggest some obscure room that allowed the Romans to get rid of their stomach content. However, a vomitorium was in no way related to vomiting. In fact, it was a common part of every amphitheater and Colosseum: it refers to the corridors that helped to ‘spit out’ the immense crowds which …

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Roman Emperors in Order: The Complete List from Caesar to the Fall of Rome

roman emperors in order

The Roman state began as a semi-mythical and small-scale monarchy in the 10th century BC. It later prospered as an expansionist republic from 509 BC onwards. Then, in 27 BC, it became an empire. Its leaders, the emperors of Rome, went on to become some of the most powerful heads of state in history. Here …

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The Roman Gladiators: Soldiers and Superheroes

roman gladiators

Roman gladiators were professional fighters who entertained audiences in the Roman Empire with their battles against other gladiators, wild animals, and criminals. Gladiatorial games were a popular form of entertainment in ancient Rome and were usually held in amphitheaters such as the great Colosseum in Rome. A bloody form of capital punishment to entertain the …

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The Worst Roman Emperors: The Complete List of Rome’s Worst Tyrants

the worst roman emperors

Out of the long catalog of Emperors from ancient Rome, there are those who, for one reason or another, stand out amongst their predecessors and successors. Whilst some, such as Trajan or Marcus Aurelius, have become famous for their astute ability to rule their vast domains, there are others, such as Caligula and Nero, whose …

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