Venus: The Mother of Rome and Goddess of Love and Fertility


In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. She is often associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite and is considered one of the major Roman deities widely worshiped in ancient Rome. The worship of Venus was an integral part of Roman religious practices, and temples were dedicated to her in various …

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Roman Mythology: The Legends, Deities, Heroes, Culture, and Religion of Ancient Rome

roman mythology

Roman mythology is part of Classical mythology alongside Greek mythos. It was the backbone of the ancient Roman polytheistic religion. Being composed of rich legends, Roman mythology tackles anything from the founding of Rome, to why gods have certain epithets, and why their local geography is the way that it is. While learning about Roman …

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Vestal Virgins: Guardians of Rome’s Heart(h)

vestal virgins

The Vestal Virgins played a vital role in safeguarding the flame that represented the hearth of Rome. They were entrusted with this responsibility in service of the goddess Vesta, carrying out her demands with meticulous care and devotion. Of course, the flame had a profound meaning. Roman leaders and citizens believed that as long as …

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Luna Goddess: The Majestic Roman Moon Goddess 

luna goddess

Luna goddess is the Roman goddess of the moon, often associated with nocturnal magic, secrets, and mysteries. She was also believed to have the power to grant fertility and aid with childbirth. Luna is the equivalent of Selene, the ancient Greek moon deity, and is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon …

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Epona: A Celtic Deity for the Roman Cavalry


While monotheistic religions like Islam, Judaism, and Islam worship only one god who created all and everything, the Celts were doing it a bit differently. From the god of knowledge to something as ‘small’ as the realm of riding horses, everything was allowed to have its god, even horses. However, the horse goddess of the …

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Vesta: The Roman Goddess of the Home and the Hearth

vesta goddess

In Roman mythology, Vesta was the goddess of the home and hearth. For the Roman people, she was the representation of purity and reason. Vesta is a goddess who is not only limited by what she looks over. Instead, her office extends far into the works of other deities. As a result, this makes her …

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