US History

When compared to other powerful nations such as France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the history of the United States, which starts in the 17th century, is relatively short. However, as a nation virtually created out of thin air, and as one of the first to be based on republican ideals, US history is rich …

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The History Guns in American Culture

The United States of America has always had an obsession with guns. Images of patriots firing muskets at Redcoats, cowboys heading out on posses, hunters chasing down buffalo and Special Forces triumphing over extremists are common components of the collective American psyche. This sets America apart from many other nations. Most Western countries strictly limit …

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The History of Slavery: America’s Black Mark

Though slavery in America has long since been illegal in the United States, the ramifications of the African slave trade that almost broke the new nation are still felt throughout American society, politics, and culture today.

While the rest of the world had long engaged in the forced servitude of people throughout history, America was introduced to the first African slaves by Dutch merchants in 1619, which spiraled into more than two hundred years of an economic reliability on slaves.

However, the enslavement of Africans in the New World was just one faction of slavery in America, with the forced servitude of Native Americans throughout the American Southwest and California also being present, and resulting in the genocide of many Native Americans throughout the territories.

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Pearl Harbor: A Day in Infamy

Many of us know about the attack on pearl harbor. In fact, America has a day of remembrance known as Pearl Harbor day. The picture of attack planes flying overhead, shooting at American ships and personnel has been ingrained into the words Pearl Harbor. The effects of such an attack were widespread, for it signaled America’s entry into World War Two, the creation of the Pacific Theatre of War and led to a long, brutal conflict with Imperialist Japan.

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The Louisiana Purchase: America’s Big Expansion

With the ink of the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris documents barely dried, the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 took the fledgling American nation from being 13 colonies that stretched to the Mississippi, to a country that encompassed everything from the Atlantic to the Rockies. Not only did the land acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase doubled the small nation’s property, but it proved Thomas Jefferson’s hopes of a farming, agriculturally-led country with a thriving middle class and the dreams of a grand, progressive and democratic society would become a reality.

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Westward Expansion: America’s Final Frontier

The very word “West” in American history has all sorts of different connotations; from cowboys and Indians to dust bowls and Davy Crockett, the American West is as diverse as it is expansive. The drive that led the Founding Fathers, and particular Thomas Jefferson, to seek agreements that would allow American soil to stretch from sea to sea, is one that shaped, and shook the very foundations of the republic. American progress has been defined by the Manifest Destiny, a 19th century belief that the growth of the American nation to encompass the entirety of the Americas was inevitable—but it also presented many strifes.

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