The Most Famous Outlaws of the Wild West: Jesse James to Robert Leroy Parker

Outlaws of the Wild West

From Jesse James to Robert Leroy Parker, these legendary outlaws of the Wild West marked an era that is considered quite notorious today. The American Wild West, which spanned from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, was a gritty and lawless time filled with rugged landscapes, gold rushes, pioneers, and, of course, outlaws. These …

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Who Discovered America: The First People Who Reached the Americas

who discovered america

If you ask anyone who discovered America you will notice that Christopher Columbus is often credited with discovering America in 1492, but it’s important to note that there were already indigenous people living in the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus arrived. Additionally, there is evidence that Norse explorers had reached North America centuries …

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Pyramids in America: North, Central, and South American Monuments

Pyramids in America - Ake Yucatan Pyramid Charnay

Pyramids: grand, ostentatious displays of ancient wealth and power. They were built for the influential dead, the devout, and the divine. Though, this wasn’t always the case. When most people think of pyramids, they think of Egypt. But there are pyramids all over the world. Pyramids in America first appeared 5,000 years ago. Nearly 2,000 …

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California Name Origin: Why Was California Named After A Black Queen?

California Name Origin

The starry glamor of Hollywood, the surfer and hippie vibes of Los Angeles, the beaches, the Mexican food, or just the overall kindness of the people: California is one of the most vibrant and well-known states in the United States. The actual inhabitants of California might even argue that the state can be divided into …

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