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The story of today is written in the decisions of yesterday

The history of our remarkable world is written in the sometimes small and seemingly innocuous decisions made by individuals in the pursuit of their goals. These decisions have forged alliances, taken lives, broken hearts, created works of art, started wars, and ultimately, have radically reshaped the trajectory of human history.

Explore these decisions and how they created a dramatic shift in the fortunes of the society that trailed in their wake.

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“A people without knowledge of thier past history, origin, and culture, is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Gavery

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The Wilmot Proviso

The Wilmot Proviso

Throughout the 19th century, during the period known as the Antebellum Era, Congress, and American society as a whole, was tense.  Northerners and Southerners, who…
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Townshend Act

Townshend Act

In 1767, the king of England, George III, found himself with a situation on his hands.  His colonies in North America — all thirteen of…
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History of Cinema in Jamaica

Image Source: Like many cinema patrons in Jamaica, I was a beneficiary of the Audley Morais founded chain of Palace Amusement theaters that later…
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