Incan Gods and Goddesses: 14 Ancient Deities of the Inca Pantheon

Incan gods and goddesses

The Inca are among the most prominent ancient civilizations that have emerged from South America. Born from the spectacular Andean cultures of Peru, the Inca World stretched 2,500 miles and included more than 10 million subjects at its height. Then, about 500 years ago, the Inca vanished. However, remnants of their culture remain in this …

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Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses: 34 Deities of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

mesopotamian gods

Ancient Mesopotamia has been called the “Cradle of Civilization” by many, but few realize the massive cultural and social impact its religion had on surrounding nations. Mesopotamian gods and goddesses are among the oldest in the world and their study provides invaluable insight into the world perspective of early man. After all, the gods seemed …

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Ancient Gods and Goddesses from Cultures Around the World

ancient gods around the world

The worship of gods and goddesses has been a common theme in human religious practice since the dawn of civilization. These deities, often unique to one particular culture though sometimes shared across different groups, have helped people explain the world and try to understand their place in it. Studying ancient gods is a great way …

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The Sirens of Greek Mythology


In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, often portrayed as part-woman and part-bird. They were known for their enchanting and irresistible singing voices that lured sailors to their doom. The most well-known story featuring the Sirens is found in Homer’s epic poem, the “Odyssey.” The theme of the Sirens has persisted in art, literature, …

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Who Invented Paper? The History of Paper and Paper Making

who invented paper

The invention of paper is attributed to ancient China. Papermaking is traditionally believed to have been invented by Cai Lun, a Chinese eunuch and official during the Eastern Han Dynasty, around 105 CE. Cai Lun’s contribution to papermaking involved the refinement of the process, making it more consistent and practical for widespread use. This invention …

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Who Invented Math? The History of Mathematics

Who Invented Math

Mathematics, the universal language of abstraction and precision, permeates every facet of our lives. But have you ever wondered who first invented this remarkable discipline?  While we may never identify a single inventor, the invention of math is a collective endeavor woven into the tapestry of human history. Who Invented Math? There isn’t a single …

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