The Lives of Viking Women: Homesteading, Business, Marriage, Magic, and More!

viking women

‘Viking women’ is the term that is usually used to refer to the Norse women who lived during the Viking Age. Now, people know that they usually held more power and responsibility than most women of other civilizations of the time. They were farmers, businesswomen, seers, priestesses, and even in some cases warriors. They ran …

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Slavic Mythology: Gods, Legends, Characters, and Culture

Slavic mythology

Ancient Slavic mythology is a religion shrouded in mystery. After the Christian church rose to prominence in Slavic nations throughout the 7th and 12th centuries CE, much of the pagan faith was abandoned. The Slavic gods that once were the focal point of Slavic religion became forgotten, if not completely replaced by Christian saints. However, …

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How Did Cleopatra Die? Bitten by an Egyptian Cobra

how did cleopatra die

Cleopatra died soon after allowing herself to get bitten by an Egyptian cobra. But history is sometimes written by those that weren’t there to witness it. So, what do we know about how Cleopatra died? What are its accounts by some famous historians? The method of her death is as captivating as the historically influential …

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Vomitorium: A Passage to the Roman Amphitheater or a Vomiting Room?


A Roman vomitorium might suggest some obscure room that allowed the Romans to get rid of their stomach content. However, a vomitorium was in no way related to vomiting. In fact, it was a common part of every amphitheater and Colosseum: it refers to the corridors that helped to ‘spit out’ the immense crowds which …

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King Tut’s Tomb: The World’s Magnificent Discovery and Its Mysteries

King Tut's Tomb

King Tut’s tomb is a captivating archaeological discovery that has fascinated the world for decades. The tomb of Tutankhamun, better known as King Tut, holds great historical significance, primarily due to its extraordinary nature. The uniqueness of King Tut’s tomb stands out and warrants detailed insights into its contents, discovery, and the enigmatic pharaoh himself. …

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