The Cyclops: A One-Eyed Monster of Greek Mythology


For all fans of Greek mythology or even the Marvel comics, ‘cyclops’ will be a familiar name. There are different kinds of cyclopes, depending on the writer and the legend. But most myths agree that they are supernatural beings of immense stature and strength and have just one eye. Cyclopes played a rather minor role …

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Druids: The Ancient Celtic Class That Did It All

druids - the temple

Are they wizards? Do they hoard ancient, terrible secrets? What is the deal with the druids?! The druids were an ancient class of people within Celtic cultures. They were counted as scholars, priests, and judges. To the societies they served, their insight was deemed invaluable. Leading up to the Gallic Wars (58-50 BCE), the druids …

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Tlaloc: The Rain God of the Aztecs


An often-used phrase in Mesoamerican (environmental) politics is la agua es vida: water is life. Even the Aztecs had a strong emphasis on water, and any deity that is related to this realm was per definition of great importance. The Aztec god Tlaloc was no different. Some of the most important Aztec temples have been …

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Ancient Chinese Inventions

chinese inventions

There are countless Chinese inventions that changed the world. The greatest Chinese achievements are known as the Four Great Inventions. Although there are only four notable “greats,” China has contributed numerous inventions that have changed the world. Through their innovation, the ancient Chinese created a thriving civilization in the Huang He Valley. What is China …

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A Full Timeline of Chinese Dynasties in Order

chinese dynasties timeline

The history of China is broken up into periods known as dynasties, which are imperial regimes named for the family the ruling emperor belonged to. From 2070 BC until 1912 CE, China was ruled by emperors. Art, artifacts, conflicts, and events throughout Chinese history are all described and grouped according to the dynasty in which …

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