Hades Helmet: The Cap of Invisibility


There are plenty of athletes that have almost made the Olympic games but just missed the thresholds to be considered for participation. The most famous ‘almost Olympian’ will probably go by the name of Hades. However, unlike other athletes, Hades the god is just as famous as the equipment he word, making Hades’ helmet one …

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The Hesperides: Greek Nymphs of the Golden Apple


Anyone will confirm that a beautiful sunset is something inspiring to witness. Many people go out of their way to find the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset, just for the sake of watching it. What is it that makes the setting sun and the golden hour just before so magical?  One might wonder …

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Pontus: The Greek Primordial God of the Sea


It is a well-known fact that we as a species have only explored about 5% of the entire ocean. Considering the entire ocean covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, and that’s a staggering 65% left unexplored! Think about all the things lurking underneath the well-lit canopy of the seas. Creatures of complex biology, uncharted …

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Chaos: Greek God of Air, and Parent of Everything

Chaos god

A “rude and undeveloped mass” and yet also “an empty void,” the gloomy Chaos is both a being and not, a god and not. She is best described as the oxymoron of “a shapeless heap”, both contradictory and all-encompassing. The huge chaos, in essence, is the very foundation in which the universe exists, being the …

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Bellerophon: the Tragic Hero of Greek Mythology


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In Greek mythology, there is no shortage of such heroes. From Heracles to Perseus, tales of six packed hunks wielding superweapons to slay monsters of yore are familiar across ancient Greek myths.  However, every now and then, these heroes in the limelight often overshadow the ones lurking in …

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Hemera: The Greek Personification of Day


Many Greek gods and goddesses exist as fully realized personalities, for better or worse. Everyone knows Zeus for his wisdom and mercy (and, in equal parts, his philandering and quick temper), just as Aphrodite is widely recognized for her vanity and jealousy. This makes a great deal of sense. The Greek gods, after all, were …

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