Hecate: The Goddess of Witchcraft in Greek Mythology


Something wicked this way comes. But…what on earth is it exactly? The concept of black magic, sorcery, and witchcraft has fascinated humankind since the dawn of time. From shamanic rituals to the Salem witch trials, this fascination towards dabbling in the dark arts has occupied countless pages of history.   However, one thing that’s consistently held …

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Nemesis: Greek Goddess of Divine Retribution

Nemesis goddess

Nemesis – also known as Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia – was a remorseless goddess. She was the one who enacted punishments against those mortals who acted arrogant before the divines.  Pretty much, the gods put you in their little black book and you’ve been added to a hit list. That LBB now is in the hands …

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Perseus: The Argive Hero of Greek Mythology


While no longer as famous as Heracles or Odysseus, the Argive king and Greek hero Perseus has just an interesting story. A fellow child of Zeus, Perseus famously beheaded the snake-haired Medusa, fought a sea monster for Andromeda, and accidentally killed his grandfather while playing sport. Is Perseus the Son of Zeus or Poseidon? Due …

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Selene: The Titan and Greek Goddess of the Moon

Selene greek goddess of the moon

If you have read Greek mythology and the famous epics of ancient Greece, you may be quite familiar with her brother Helios. However, hers might not be a name that is quite as well-known. Selene, one of the younger generation of Titans, was also the Greek goddess of the moon. Not only was she the …

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Metis: The Greek Goddess of Wisdom

Metis greek goddess of wisdom

If you think of someone as being clever and thoughtful, you might refer to them as being wise. These persons are often praised for their ability to respond adequately to stressful situations or complex problems.  The ancient Greeks liked to take it a step further. The word that they used to refer to a person …

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The Fates: Greek Goddesses of Destiny

the fates feature

We’d like to think we are in control of our own fate. That we – despite the vastness of the world – are able to determine our own destiny. Being in control of our own destiny is the root of newer spiritual movements nowadays, but are we really in control? The ancient Greeks didn’t quite …

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