The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of War and Fate


Every pantheon always has a female deity augmenting the influence of those around them. We have seen it in every significant mythology: Isis in Egyptian tales, Yemonja in African myths, and of course, the Greek Rhea and her Roman counterpart Ops. However, we haven’t heard of many female figures across mythology directly connected to the …

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Arawn: The Joyous King of the Otherworld in Celtic Mythology


Irish and Welsh mythology is full of mysterious and entrancing figures. Unfortunately, many of their stories are lost to time due to oral retelling and tales passed down from generation to generation. But hold up, there is one that partially survived this violent advance by the ravages of time and it’s about Arawn, the king …

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15 Examples of Fascinating and Advanced Ancient Technology You Need To Check Out


While the average ancient technology may not be able to compete with our modern gadgets and gizmos like Netflix and artificial intelligence, they are still worth exploring for their sheer ingenuity and quirkiness. From the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism to the massive pyramids of Giza, these technologies showcase the creativity and resourcefulness of our ancestors. The …

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