Vesta: The Roman Goddess of the Home and the Hearth

vesta goddess

Being able to conduct discipline just through eye contact and emanating the virtue of a leader are priceless qualities in a person. After all, such traits are found within people who lead an entire league of individuals in dire need of constant recalibration and protection. Like a shepherd protecting his sheep with his staff, people …

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Vulcan: The Roman God of Fire and Volcanoes

Vulcan god of fire

Imagine being the god of fire and volcanoes, the ultimate dream of every teenage kid lying down on their bed and staring at the ceiling. Fire is one of the most important discoveries of mankind. After all, it kept the predators at bay on unnaturally dark nights, helped cook food and, most importantly, acted as …

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Pontus: The Greek Primordial God of the Sea


It is a well-known fact that we as a species have only explored about 5% of the entire ocean. Considering the entire ocean covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, and that’s a staggering 65% left unexplored! Think about all the things lurking underneath the well-lit canopy of the seas. Creatures of complex biology, uncharted …

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Bellerophon: the Tragic Hero of Greek Mythology


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In Greek mythology, there is no shortage of such heroes. From Heracles to Perseus, tales of six packed hunks wielding superweapons to slay monsters of yore are familiar across ancient Greek myths.  However, every now and then, these heroes in the limelight often overshadow the ones lurking in …

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Hygeia: The Greek Goddess of Health


Did you think the ancient Greeks smelled like baked cheese all the time? Well, think again because the population revered the idea of cleanliness. After all, sanitation meant the onset of good health. This is reflected in the pages of Greek mythology, where every god practiced the art of keeping oneself clean as much as …

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