Greek God of Wind: Zephyrus and the Anemoi

greek god of wind Zephyrus and the Anemoi

The Greek God of Wind: Zephyrus and the Anemoi  Feeling the ravages of global warming getting to you? Sweating out half of your body’s water composition by melting under this scorching heat? We’ve got just the thing to cool you down.  The very idea of an invisible force powering life was very fascinating to the …

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Mars: The Roman God of War

Mars god

One of the first things that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘Mars’ is most likely the twinkling red planet soon to be conquered by Elon Musk. However, did you ever stop to think about the namesake of this devilishly sanguine world suspended in outer space? The color red represents aggression, …

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Helios: The Greek God of The Sun

helios greek god of the sun

They say the night is always the darkest before dawn.  The dawn is inevitable. The sun rises as the blue sky is bleached by an orange glow and as bright rays beam dazzlingly across the horizon.  This absolutely badass entrance is amplified by the chirping of birds and the scurrying of life. It is almost …

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Juno: the Roman Queen of the Gods and Goddesses

juno goddess

Protection is perhaps one of the most defining traits of what truly forges a well-respected deity.  With the throbs of power, charisma, flair, and countless tales to their name, a deity with such characteristics would have mastered the art of protection and defense. Of all the Roman gods and goddesses, Jupiter, the King of Gods, …

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The Sirens of Greek Mythology

sirens greek mythology

Picture this. You are in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, wrapped by the onset of agonizingly crushing waves. On this journey to some ancient Greek island, you sail on your swaying vessel cradled by the sea. The weather is perfect. A gentle sea breeze hits your cheeks, and you take a sip from your …

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