Satyrs: Animal Spirits of Ancient Greece


A satyr is an animalistic nature spirit associated with fertility found within Greek and Roman mythology.  Satyrs were short half-man, half-goat (or horse) like creatures with horns, tails, and long furry ears. In art, satyrs are always naked and depicted as being animalistic and hideous.  Satyrs lived in remote forests and hills and could always …

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Nymphs: Magical Creatures of Ancient Greece


In some ways like the Kami of Japanese Mythology, the Nymphs of Ancient Greek and Roman folklore permeated almost everything, particularly in the topographical and natural features of the inhabitable world. Furthermore, in Ancient Greek myth and Classical Epic, they are ever-present, seducing young men or accompanying gods and goddesses on their divine duties. Whilst …

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Jupiter: The Almighty God of Roman Mythology

Jupiter god

Looking over the Roman pantheon, one can’t help thinking the various gods all look . . . familiar. Their domains, abilities and relationships all seem suspiciously similar to those of many of the Greek deities, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Romans believed heavily in syncretic religion, or the blending of beliefs, deities, …

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The Sirens of Greek Mythology

sirens greek mythology

Picture this. You are in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean, wrapped by the onset of agonizingly crushing waves. On this journey to some ancient Greek island, you sail on your swaying vessel cradled by the sea. The weather is perfect. A gentle sea breeze hits your cheeks, and you take a sip from your …

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Themis: Titan Goddess of Divine Law and Order

themis goddess

One of the original twelve Titan gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, Themis was the goddess of divine law and order. She was seen as the personification of justice and fairness, of law and order, of wisdom and good counsel and she was portrayed with several symbols to signify her relationship with justice. She was …

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Atlas: The Titan God Who Holds up the Sky


Atlas, straining under the celestial sphere, is a figure from early Greek myth that many would recognize. The Greek god has a story that is often misunderstood and a history that includes golden sheep, pirates, and modern libertarians. From ancient Africa to modern America, the Greek Titan has always had relevance to society. What Is …

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