37 Underground Cities: The Hidden Pillars of Civilization

underground cities

Ancient underground cities are fascinating historical and archaeological discoveries found in various parts of the world. These cities were typically carved out of solid rock or constructed underground to provide shelter, protection, and refuge to their inhabitants. They often served as defensive structures, hiding places during times of war, or places of habitation during harsh …

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The Antonine Wall: Northernmost Frontier of Roman Empire

antonine wall

The Antonine Wall was a Roman wall in Scotland that served as a frontier and defensive structure. The Roman Emperor at the time, Antoninus Pius, decided to name the wall after himself. While the structure was supposed to keep the attacking group from the north outside, they easily trespassed it and continued to perform raids …

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The Origin of Day of the Dead: Aztec Mythology and More!

origin of day of the dead

The Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, originated in ancient Mesoamerican cultures and the festivities that honored the Aztec god Mictlantecuthli. These festivities took place during the whole ninth month of the Aztec calendar. However, Dia de los Muertos or something very similar was already celebrated by many Indigenous people that were …

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The Pagan Origins of Christmas: Saturnalia, Yule, and Other Pre-Christian Traditions

pagan origins of christmas

The origins of Christmas can be traced back to the ancient Roman and Norse civilizations. In fact, 25th December was not even Jesus’ date of birth. The early Christians appropriated what was originally a pagan holiday because it was convenient. Before that, the people of ancient Europe had celebrations of the pagan god Saturn or …

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The Most Important Roman Inventions: Aqueducts, Roman Numerals, Sewage Systems, and More!

Roman inventions

From aqueducts, Roman numerals, sewage systems, architectural arches, underground heating, and books to a postal service, and much more, ancient Roman inventions changed the world and many are still in use today. Given the long history of Ancient Rome, its Republic, and its later Emperors, it is no surprise that the famous civilization invented a …

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Julius Caesar and Cleopatra: The Ancient World’s Power Couple

julius caesar and cleopatra

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra played significant roles in ancient history, and their relationship, while short-lived, had a significant impact on both their lives and the course of history. While they even allegedly produced a child together, theirs was a relationship forged primarily in their mutual need to grab and hold power in their individual domains. …

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