Uranus: Sky God and Grandfather to the Gods

Uranus god

Uranus is best known as the third largest planet in our solar system. Tucked between Saturn and Neptune, and a distant seven planets away from the sun, Uranus the Ice Giant seems remote and irrelevant.  But like the other planets, Uranus was first a Greek god. And he was not just any god. He was …

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The Hawaiian Gods: Māui and 9 Other Deities

Hawaiian gods

Beyond the shape-shifting trickster Māui (of Disney’s Moana fame), many people know very little about the fascinating Hawaiian mythology. Among the thousands of Hawaiian gods and goddesses there is huge variety, from the powerful and terrifying to the peaceful and beneficent. Some gods and goddesses reigned over extensive realms of utmost importance to native Hawaiian …

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The 10 Most Important Sumerian Gods

The 10 Most Important Sumerian Gods 1

One of the first civilizations to grace the Earth, the Sumerians banded together and settled in ancient southern Mesopotamia (modern day south-central Iraq) around 3500 BC. Like most ancient civilizations, the Sumerians came to believe that just about every earthly phenomenon, anthropological aspect, and astronomical event was somehow controlled by unseen deities. This gave rise …

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