The Olympic Torch: A Brief History of the Olympic Games Symbol

olympic torch

The Olympic torch is one of the most important symbols of the Olympic Games and is lit in Olympia, Greece, several months before the beginning of the games. This starts the Olympic torch relay and the flames are then ceremonially carried to the host city for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The torch …

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Who Invented Hockey: A History of Hockey

who invented hockey

There are various kinds of hockey and theories about who invented hockey. In American parlance, the word ‘hockey’ will bring to mind ice, pucks, heavily padded players, and scuffles. The winter national sport of Canada, hockey actually has quite a long and complicated history. Hockey originated in a different continent altogether, centuries before it made …

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Reaching for the Heavens: The History of Mountaineering

Reaching for the Heavens: The History of Mountaineering 2

Commonly associated with the daring ascents of formidable summits, mountaineering (sometimes known as alpinism) combines hiking, rock climbing, and snow and ice techniques.  Mountaineers must be properly equipped and skilled in dealing with variable terrain and weather conditions, such as avalanches, moraines, crevasses, and seracs, as well as altitude sickness.  They usually make use of …

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