Who Invented the Toothbrush: William Addis’ Modern Toothbrush

who invented the toothbrush

The first modern toothbrush was designed by an Englishman named William Addis in 1780. It had a handle carved from cattle bone and bristles made from pig’s hair. However, this does not mean that humans did not clean their teeth before 1780. In fact, bristle toothbrushes had also existed long before William Addis. Who Invented …

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Female Pilots: Raymonde de Laroche, Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, and More!

female pilot

Female pilots have been around since the beginning of the twentieth century and have been pioneers in many ways. From Raymonde de Laroche, Hélène Dutrieu, Amelia Earhart, and Amy Johnson to the present-day female pilots, women have left a significant mark in the history of aviation but not without difficulties. Notable Female Pilots There have …

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Inventions by Women: Cataract Treatment, Syringes, Rocket Fuel, and More!

inventions by women

Women have made numerous important contributions throughout history, including a number of significant inventions such as cataract treatment, the electronic feeding tube, malaria treatment, syringes, computer algorithms, rocket fuel, the dishwasher, and many more! In fact, the list of inventions by women is infinite. Here are some of the most influential: From very common procedures …

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When Was Toilet Paper Invented? The History of Toilet Paper

When Was Toilet Paper Invented

Although the Indians, Romans, and Brits can claim to invent the flush toilet, the question ‘when was toilet paper invented?’ has a different answer. About half of the world’s population makes use of this hygienic tool, but toilet paper as we know it today didn’t pop up until relatively recently. When Was Toilet Paper Invented? …

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Nikola Tesla’s Inventions: The Real and Imagined Inventions That Changed the World

nikola tesla's inventions

Without Nikola Tesla’s inventions and his work with electrical energy, it is not unreasonable to suggest that household electrical appliances would be so popular. Thanks to his promotion of alternating current, his development of an induction motor, and his continued drive for innovation, today’s technology includes improved radio transmission, long-distance provision of electricity, and improvements …

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Ancient Chinese Inventions

chinese inventions

There are countless Chinese inventions that changed the world. The greatest Chinese achievements are known as the Four Great Inventions. Although there are only four notable “greats,” China has contributed numerous inventions that have changed the world. Through their innovation, the ancient Chinese created a thriving civilization in the Huang He Valley. What is China …

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