The Fates: Greek Goddesses of Destiny

the fates feature

We’d like to think we are in control of our own fate. That we – despite the vastness of the world – are able to determine our own destiny. Being in control of our own destiny is the root of newer spiritual movements nowadays, but are we really in control? The ancient Greeks didn’t quite …

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Orpheus: Greek Mythology’s Most Famous Minstrel


Music is powerful. That, in itself, is entirely true.  Music can unify people from all sorts of walks of life. More than that, music is a means of self-expression and of healing.  The Orpheus of Greek mythology was no god. He wasn’t a king, either. He was a hero, but not the Heraclean kind. Orpheus …

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Pan: Greek God of the Wilds

Pan god

As a god, Pan rules the wilderness. He naps, plays the pan flute, and lives life to its fullest.  More famously, Pan is besties with Dionysus and the stalker of a number of nymphs who ghosted him. Though, there may be more than meets the eye with this folksy god.  Yeah, he isn’t really all …

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Thanatos: Greek God of Death


Death is the great, inescapable unknown. This shared fate is what marks us as being undeniably – and unremarkably – human; beings both mortal and fleeting.  In the Greek world, there was a god responsible for bringing a serene death: Thanatos. His name in ancient Greek, Θάνατος (Death) is his profession and it is his …

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Nyx: Greek Goddess of the Night

nyx goddess

Have you ever looked at the night sky to marvel at its beauty only to be unnerved by its vast, unending darkness? Congratulations, you’ve had the same thought process as someone in ancient Greece. Maybe even a god or two.  (Sort of.)  In ancient Greece, the night was accepted to be a beautiful goddess named …

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Odysseus: Greek Hero of the Odyssey


A Greek war hero, father, and king: Odysseus was all of this and then some. He miraculously survived the 10-year Trojan War and was the last of the veterans to return. However, his homeland – a humble island on the Ionian Sea – would evade him for another decade. In the beginning, Odysseus and his …

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