Egyptian Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mythology: the Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths and religious practices belonging to the Nile River Valley civilization. The beliefs of the ancient civilization lasted until the fall of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in 30 BCE at the hands of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, Egypt became a Roman subdivision and Christianity became the main religion of …

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Celtic Mythology: Myths, Legends, Deities, Heroes, and Culture

celtic mythology

Celtic mythology – also known as Gaelic and Gaulish mythology – is the collection of myths pertaining to ancient Celtic religion. Many of the most famous Celtic legends come from early Irish myths and include the gods of Ireland. However, in history, there were six Celtic nations whose mythologies are included in the broader Celtic …

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Druids: The Ancient Celtic Class That Did It All

druids - the temple

The druids were an ancient class of people within Celtic cultures. They were counted as scholars, priests, and judges. To the societies they served, their insight was deemed invaluable. Leading up to the Gallic Wars (58-50 BCE), the druids were fiercely outspoken against Roman rule and became a thorn in the Empire’s side. Although they …

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Norse Mythology: Legends, Characters, Deities, and Culture

norse mythology

Norse mythology encapsulates the religious beliefs of ancient Scandinavian societies. Known by some as the religion of the Vikings, Norse myths were orally shared for hundreds of years before the introduction of Christianity. Tales of daring were told through skaldic poetry, while legends became permanently ingrained in the history of would-be nations. Today we’ll tackle …

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Ancient Chinese Inventions

chinese inventions

There are countless Chinese inventions that changed the world. The greatest Chinese achievements are known as the Four Great Inventions. Although there are only four notable “greats,” China has contributed numerous inventions that have changed the world. Through their innovation, the ancient Chinese created a thriving civilization in the Huang He Valley. What is China …

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