Hephaestus: The Greek God of Fire

Hephaestus greek god of fire

The Greek god Hephaestus was a famed black smith, renowned in the skill of metallurgy. Markedly the only conventionally unattractive of all the Greek gods and goddesses, Hephaestus suffered in life from a multitude of physical and emotional ailments.  Hephaestus and his tragic character was arguably the most human-like of the Greek gods. He fell …

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The 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses

Olympian gods and goddesses

The Olympians of Greek mythology aren’t like the Olympians people know and love today. These mighty gods actually took center stage in the vast Greek pantheon – not at the Olympic games.  According to the ancient Greek religion, there are twelve ruling gods that oversee the affairs of Mount Olympus and the fate of humanity …

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City Gods from Around the World

city gods

City gods were the pride of the ancient municipalities they were destined to watch over. As civilizations throughout the ancient world flourished, from the Mediterranean to the Fertile Crescent, cities both grand and humble were founded. With these cities came the all-powerful gods that guided them. After all, during times of uncertainty it would be …

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Snake Gods and Goddesses: 19 Serpent Deities from Around the World

Snake gods and goddesses

If you aren’t a fan of snakes, then this read might not be for you.  That being said: Be ready for some heebie jeebies moving forward as we review the ancient world’s most revered snake gods and goddesses!  To start, ye old snakes can be considered the epitome of multitaskers. Their interpretations and implications can …

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