Harpies: Storm Spirits and Winged Women


Today, the Harpy is thought to be one of the most disgusting monsters that has emerged from Greek mythology. Their name meant ‘snatchers’ for their role in taking things away from mortals on behalf of other Greek gods.  If that wasn’t enough of an indication as to the nature of the Harpies, Greek myths paint …

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Scylla and Charybdis: Terror on the High Seas

Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis were two of the worst things one could encounter on a ship. They are both formidable sea monsters, known for their residency in a suspiciously narrow strait.  Whereas Scylla has an appetite for man’s flesh and Charybdis is a one-way ticket to the sea floor, it is clear that neither of these …

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Nemesis: Greek Goddess of Divine Retribution

Nemesis goddess

Nemesis – also known as Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia – was a remorseless goddess. She was the one who enacted punishments against those mortals who acted arrogant before the divines.  Pretty much, the gods put you in their little black book and you’ve been added to a hit list. That LBB now is in the hands …

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The Fates: Greek Goddesses of Destiny

the fates feature

We’d like to think we are in control of our own fate. That we – despite the vastness of the world – are able to determine our own destiny. Being in control of our own destiny is the root of newer spiritual movements nowadays, but are we really in control? The ancient Greeks didn’t quite …

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Orpheus: Greek Mythology’s Most Famous Minstrel


Music is powerful. That, in itself, is entirely true.  Music can unify people from all sorts of walks of life. More than that, music is a means of self-expression and of healing.  The Orpheus of Greek mythology was no god. He wasn’t a king, either. He was a hero, but not the Heraclean kind. Orpheus …

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Pan: Greek God of the Wilds

Pan greek god

As a god, Pan rules the wilderness. He naps, plays the pan flute, and lives life to its fullest.  More famously, Pan is besties with Dionysus and the stalker of a number of nymphs who ghosted him. Though, there may be more than meets the eye with this folksy god.  Yeah, he isn’t really all …

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