Reaching for the Heavens: The History of Mountaineering

  Commonly associated with the daring ascents of formidable summits, mountaineering (sometimes known as alpinism) combines hiking, rock climbing, and snow and ice techniques.  Mountaineers must be properly equipped and skilled in dealing with variable terrain and weather conditions, such as avalanches, moraines, crevasses, and seracs, as well as altitude sickness.  They usually make use …

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History of Cinema in Jamaica

Lord of the Flies

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Like many cinema patrons in Jamaica, I was a beneficiary of the Audley Morais founded chain of Palace Amusement theaters that later included Regal, Carib, Premier, Odeon, Palace and others over the decades. Sitting in the balcony of the Regal at Cross Roads, now a haberdashery, clutching a piece of chicken and hard dough bread in the comfort of relatively new air conditioning was the acme of happiness, mesmerized by the big screen in front of me.[1]

As time passed and Jamaica continued to dominate international short track events as well as the popular musical genres of reggae and dancehall, it occurred to me that our century long accomplishments in international film production were being overshadowed, if not forgotten.

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