Brigid Goddess: Irish Deity of Wisdom and Healing

brigid goddess

Before the Roman Empire ever came to the British Isles, the ancient Celts lived on those beautiful lands. And they had their own gods, goddesses, and complicated mythologies. Of these Celtic gods and goddesses, Brigid goddess is one of the most powerful and well-known figures. Worshiped as a goddess of healing and as a mother …

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Cernunnos: Lord of the Wild Things


The horned god Cernunnos was widely worshiped throughout the Celtic world. Wearing a set of stag antlers and torque, this unsuspecting forest god likely held control over life and death. However, where Cernunnos fit into the Celtic pantheon is a bit more complicated. In truth, despite his archaic acclaim, Cernunnos is more mysterious than one …

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Macha: War Goddess of Ancient Ireland

macha among the riders of the sidhe

The Celtic gods and goddesses belonged to the supernatural Tuath Dé Danann: beings from the Otherworld. These previous inhabitants of ancient Ireland became gods amongst men, fighting off the Fomorian threat and teaching their ways to those that came after. Of the Tuath Dé Danann, the deity named Macha stands out as being particularly vengeful. …

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