Who Invented School? The Story Behind Monday Mornings

who invented school

The origins of schooling are deeply rooted in the annals of human history, spanning civilizations and cultures across the globe. From the early beginnings of informal learning to the establishment of formal educational institutions, the invention of schools has been a transformative force in shaping societies and individuals. There is much to know about the …

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Who Invented Basketball? James Naismith and the History Behind the Sport

who invented basketball

James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor, faced with the challenge of a winter activity, ingeniously invented a game that would forever change the world of sports. This game would be known as basketball and it became a global phenomenon with a very captivating history. Who Invented Basketball? James Naismith invented basketball. In the late …

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Roman Mythology: The Legends, Deities, Heroes, Culture, and Religion of Ancient Rome

roman mythology

Roman mythology is part of Classical mythology alongside Greek mythos. It was the backbone of the ancient Roman polytheistic religion. Being composed of rich legends, Roman mythology tackles anything from the founding of Rome, to why gods have certain epithets, and why their local geography is the way that it is. While learning about Roman …

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Medieval Fashion: Tunics, Underclothes, Pointed Shoes, and More!

medieval fashion

Medieval fashion refers to the clothing worn by Europeans during the Middle Ages, which began in roughly 500 BCE and ended in 1500 CE.  What is Medieval Fashion?  Medieval fashion is the different clothing styles and trends that were worn by the people of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages spans from the …

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African Mythology: Gods, Culture, Heroes, and Myths

african mythology

African mythology is composed of myths and legends that belong to the indigenous peoples of Africa. Mythology has an ever-present role in most modern African societies and cultures, being wholly integrated into daily life. While Christianity and Islam are the most popular religions in the continent today, most African religions have a consistent role in …

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