Taranis: The Celtic God of Thunder and Storms


Celtic mythology is a rich, complex tapestry of beliefs and traditions. At the center of the tapestry is the Celtic pantheon. One of the most intriguing and powerful figures of the pantheon was the ferocious sky god of thunder and storms, Taranis. Etymology of Taranis Taranis is an ancient figure whose name can be traced …

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Druids: The Ancient Celtic Class That Did It All

druids - the temple

Are they wizards? Do they hoard ancient, terrible secrets? What is the deal with the druids?! The druids were an ancient class of people within Celtic cultures. They were counted as scholars, priests, and judges. To the societies they served, their insight was deemed invaluable. Leading up to the Gallic Wars (58-50 BCE), the druids …

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Sekhmet: Egypt’s Forgotten Esoteric Goddess


We are well aware of dualities existing in the world of mythology. Deities, heroes, animals, and other entities often fight against each other because they are representations of opposing qualities. However, have you ever come across a single deity, who is not the creator or primordial deity, and yet presides over opposing qualities? No, right? …

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Skadi: The Norse Goddess of Skiing, Hunting, and Pranks

norse goddess skadi

Skadi, the giantess goddess of Norse mythology, is a captivating figure that stands out for her multifaceted nature. Her story reflects the complex beliefs and practices of the Norse people, and her role in Norse mythology is both significant and enduring. As a goddess, she is revered for her association with winter, hunting, and skiing, …

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Vili: The Mysterious and Powerful Norse God

vili - norse creation god

Mostly known as Odin’s brothers, Villi and Vé played an important role in Norse mythology. Together, they created the universe and brought cognition, speech, spirituality, sight, and hearing to humans. However, centuries before Christianization took place only Odin appears to be worshipped while his brothers are disappearing. Little is known about Vili outside the Norse …

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Mictlantecuhtli: God of Death or God of Life in Aztec Mythology


One of the most obvious dichotomies in many cultures is that between life and death. In most religions, the conversion of life to death is something linear: one goes from the living world to the world of the dead. Mictlantecuhtli is the god of death in Aztec religion but wasn’t so fond of such straightforward …

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