The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt

The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt 1

One of the most extravagantly admired of all Lincoln documents is the letter to the Widow Bixby, written on November 21, 1864. James G. Randall and Richard N. Current declared that it “stands with the Gettysburg address as a masterpiece in the English language.”[1] Another Lincoln biographer, David A. Anderson, claimed that “Lincoln’s three greatest …

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Who discovered DNA?

Who discovered DNA? 2

ON APRIL 25, 1953, three papers were published in Nature, the prestigious scientific journal,[1] which exposed the “fundamentally beautiful”[2] structure of DNA to the public, and sounded the starting gun of the DNA Revolution.[3] The authors of these papers revealed the now-famous double-helix structure of DNA, thereby unlocking the secret code of the human gene. …

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William McKinley: Life and Death of the 25th President of the United States

William McKinley

William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, presided over a transformative period in American history, guiding the nation through a time of significant economic growth and an expanding global presence. Born into a modest family in Ohio, McKinley’s rise from a young Civil War hero to a key political figure epitomizes the American …

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