Diverse Threads in the History of the United States: The Life of Booker T. Washington

Booker T Washington

“What’s resulted in the decades since is supposed to be an opportunity for White people and their institutions to redress their perpetual erasure of the roles of Black folks in building this country on our backs… What we’ve been given, however, is a rote acknowledgment of the same five people — Rosa Parks, Martin Luther …

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Mary Todd Lincoln: Reevaluating an Unkind Memory

Mary Todd Lincoln: Reevaluating an Unkind Memory 2

The Yellow Wallpaper, a well-known short story by Charlotte Gilman Perkins in the feminist canon, describes a woman with “nervous depression” who is ordered to do as little as possible. But, rather than improving her condition, this “treatment” makes her worse [1].   The story is a cautionary tale about the emotional straight-jacket that can result …

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