Metis: The Greek Goddess of Wisdom

Metis greek goddess of wisdom

If you think of someone as being clever and thoughtful, you might refer to them as being wise. These persons are often praised for their ability to respond adequately to stressful situations or complex problems.  The ancient Greeks liked to take it a step further. The word that they used to refer to a person …

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Castor and Pollux: The Twins that Shared Immortality

Castor and pollux

If you were told that the Gemini constellation and the philosophy of Yin and Yang were related, would you believe it? Although Yin and Yang is not central to the story of Castor and Pollux, it is definitely an interesting fun fact that comes with it.  Castor and his twin brother Pollux were considered to …

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The Furies: Goddesses of Vengeance or Justice?

The furies

What makes the underworld something to be afraid of? If you are interested in Greek or Roman mythology, you might have encountered one of the many gods of the underworld like Pluto or Hades. As guardians of the underworld, and famed gods of death, they make sure that the ones who belong to the underworld …

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Asclepius: Greek God of Medicine and the Rod of Asclepius.

Asclepius god

If you get prescribed medicines from your doctor or pharmacy, it is often that you see a snake in one of the logos on the packaging. Even the World Health Organization uses a snake in its logo. But, doesn’t it seem rather contradictory to use a snake as a symbol for health? After all, some …

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