Medb: Queen of Connacht and Goddess of Sovereignty


Myths have, per definition, a certain level of fiction to them. Whether you think about Greek mythology, Chinese gods and mythology, or anything in between: they are never fully true. In fact, the characters in the stories often didn’t exist. Celtic mythology is a bit different, and Medb, the queen of Connacht and the goddess …

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Ceridwen: The Goddess of Inspiration with Witch-Like Attributes


The ability to inspire yourself and others is a great asset to have. It requires an innovative approach and just overall fantastic abilities in your specific craft. Whether we’re talking about poetry, music, cooking, or even things like work ethic, to be inspiring requires great skill and an unorthodox approach. In Celtic mythology, Ceridwen was …

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Epona: A Celtic Deity for the Roman Cavalry


While monotheistic religions like Islam, Judaism, and Islam worship only one god who created all and everything, the Celts were doing it a bit differently. From the god of knowledge to something as ‘small’ as the realm of riding horses, everything was allowed to have its god, even horses. However, the horse goddess of the …

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Hades Helmet: The Cap of Invisibility


There are plenty of athletes that have almost made the Olympic games but just missed the thresholds to be considered for participation. The most famous ‘almost Olympian’ will probably go by the name of Hades. However, unlike other athletes, Hades the god is just as famous as the equipment he word, making Hades’ helmet one …

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The Ancient Weapons of Old Civilizations


Since ancient times, some of us have distinguished ourselves by being overly violent and conquering anything in our sight. Others live lives without violence, or intent to be subjected to violence. In case you were wondering, a mindset of not being subjected to violence actually worked for many groups. An example can be found in …

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Who Invented the Toilet? The History of Flush Toilets

Who Invented the Toilet The History of Flush Toilets

While traveling, you might encounter a wide range of different toilets and see how these toilets are used. A self-cleaning toilet in Japan is different from a flushing toilet in Belgium and differs from a hole in the ground in some remote places. However, they are almost exclusively some form of flushing toilets. How did …

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