Diverse Threads in the History of the United States: The Life of Booker T. Washington

Booker T Washington

“What’s resulted in the decades since is supposed to be an opportunity for White people and their institutions to redress their perpetual erasure of the roles of Black folks in building this country on our backs… What we’ve been given, however, is a rote acknowledgment of the same five people — Rosa Parks, Martin Luther …

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Ruby Bridges: A Black Girl Who Desegregated Her School

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges is a monumental figure in American civil rights history. As a young Black girl, she played a key role in the desegregation of the American school system, demonstrating remarkable courage and resilience. Early Life and Education In the early stages of Ruby Bridges’ life, a critical event occurred when she was just four …

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Malcolm X: Early Life, Nation of Islam, Assassination, and More

malcolm x

Malcolm X was an influential African American leader in the civil rights movement, renowned for his advocacy for the rights, dignity, and empowerment of black Americans. Born in 1925, he emerged from a life of adversity to become a key figure in the Nation of Islam before advocating for broader human rights issues. His eloquent …

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The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt

The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt 2

One of the most extravagantly admired of all Lincoln documents is the letter to the Widow Bixby, written on November 21, 1864. James G. Randall and Richard N. Current declared that it “stands with the Gettysburg address as a masterpiece in the English language.”[1] Another Lincoln biographer, David A. Anderson, claimed that “Lincoln’s three greatest …

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