Set God: Lord of the Red Land


The gods of various ancient mythologies aren’t always positive figures. The gods of Greek mythology tended to be capricious at best, frequently engaging in petty jealousies and vendettas. While some Norse gods were benefactors of mankind, others were aloof and even predatory, such as Ran, the sea goddess of death. Such was also the case …

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Njord: the Norse God of Ships and Bounty

njord norse god of the sea

Similar to Greek mythology, which had the Olympians and the Titans, the Norse had not one pantheon, but two. But while the two groups of Norse gods, the Vanir and Aesir, did go to war against each other once like the Titans and Olympians, they had a mostly peaceful – if sometimes strained – relationship. …

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How Long Have Humans Existed?

How long have humans existed

History both raises and answers a number of questions. Sometimes they’re specific – the dates this or that event happened, or which ruler succeeded another. Sometimes they’re more abstract or philosophical, such as tracking the rise and evolution of religious or political movements. But one of the simplest questions, yet perhaps the hardest, remains – …

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