Jupiter: The Almighty God of Roman Mythology

Jupiter god

Looking over the Roman pantheon, one can’t help thinking the various gods all look . . . familiar. Their domains, abilities and relationships all seem suspiciously similar to those of many of the Greek deities, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Romans believed heavily in syncretic religion, or the blending of beliefs, deities, …

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Heracles: Ancient Greece’s Most Famous Hero


Greek mythology offers a panoply of heroic characters, from Achilles to the ideal Athenian man, Theseus, many of whom can claim a divine bloodline. And there is probably no hero in Ancient Greece as well known today as the mighty Heracles (or as he’s more commonly known by his Roman name, Hercules). Heracles survives in …

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Tethys: Grandmother Goddess of the Waters


The most familiar stories drawn from Greek mythology involve the Olympian pantheon. Most people recognize at least a few tales of Zeus, his fellow Greek gods, and all their various feats and foibles. Many have heard at least something about heroes like Hercules, Perseus, and Theseus, or of terrifying monsters like the Medusa, the Minotaur, …

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Theseus: A Legendary Greek Hero


The story of Theseus casts a long shadow over Greek mythology. He stands as both a mystical hero that rivaled the legendary Heracles (a.k.a. Hercules) and slew the minotaur, and as the king who was said to have united the villages of the Attic Peninsula into the city-state of Athens.  Sometimes called the “Last Mythical …

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The Horae: Greek Goddesses of the Seasons

Horae goddesses

The Greek gods and goddesses are numerous, ranging from the familiar Zeus to more obscure deities such as Ersa (goddess of the morning dew) down to more nebulous personifications like Hybris and Kakia. And while whole volumes have been written about the whole throng of them, there’s a less-talked about group of goddesses that have …

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