The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt

The Bixby Letter: A New Analysis Casts Doubt 1

One of the most extravagantly admired of all Lincoln documents is the letter to the Widow Bixby, written on November 21, 1864. James G. Randall and Richard N. Current declared that it “stands with the Gettysburg address as a masterpiece in the English language.”[1] Another Lincoln biographer, David A. Anderson, claimed that “Lincoln’s three greatest …

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Roe v. Wade: A Decision for the Decades

Roe v. Wade: A Decision for the Decades 3

The Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, arguably the most hotly debated in recent decades, has produced an impressive body of historical scholarship.[1] The leading histories have focused on the evolution of the arguments and alliances that shape abortion debate today, rights-based pro-life and pro-choice arguments, alliances between women’s rights leaders and public health …

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Chicano Movement: Causes, Purpose, and Major Events

chicano movement

The Chicano Movement (El Movimiento) was a civil rights movement within the Chicano community in the 20th century. Inspired and entwined with the Black Power Movement, the Chicano Movement was all about combating structural racism and police brutality through the open rejection of assimilation through newfound cultural expression and celebration. Events Leading Up to the …

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Japanese Internment Camps: WWII, Reasons, Life, Conditions, and Deaths

Japanese Internment Camps

The story of Japanese internment camps in the United States represents a complex chapter marked by fear, prejudice, and a struggle for justice. Amid the global conflict, the U.S. government made the controversial decision to relocate and imprison thousands of Japanese Americans, casting a long shadow over the principles of liberty and justice. This key …

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