How Did Cleopatra Die? Bitten by an Egyptian Cobra

how did cleopatra die

Cleopatra died soon after allowing herself to get bitten by an Egyptian cobra. But history is sometimes written by those that weren’t there to witness it. So, what do we know about how Cleopatra died? What are its accounts by some famous historians? The method of her death is as captivating as the historically influential …

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King Tut’s Tomb: The World’s Magnificent Discovery and Its Mysteries

King Tut's Tomb

King Tut’s tomb is a captivating archaeological discovery that has fascinated the world for decades. The tomb of Tutankhamun, better known as King Tut, holds great historical significance, primarily due to its extraordinary nature. The uniqueness of King Tut’s tomb stands out and warrants detailed insights into its contents, discovery, and the enigmatic pharaoh himself. …

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The Lighthouse of Alexandria: One of the Seven Wonders

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, was a lighthouse towering over the ancient city of Alexandria. The city is still relevant to this day and the lighthouse was located on the eastern point of the Pharos island. It’s renowned for its remarkable architecture because the sheer height of the structure …

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Egyptian Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mythology: the Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths and religious practices belonging to the Nile River Valley civilization. The beliefs of the ancient civilization lasted until the fall of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in 30 BCE at the hands of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, Egypt became a Roman subdivision and Christianity became the main religion of …

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The Queens of Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Queens in Order 

queens of egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of ancient history’s most enduring and greatest civilizations. For 3,000 years the Egyptian empire was ruled by 170 great (some arguably not so great) pharaohs. Of those 170 pharaohs, several of them were female. Ancient Egypt was ruled by a handful of powerful women, each leaving their mark on the ancient …

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The Egyptian Afterlife: Mummification, Burial Practices and Beyond

egyptian afterlife

In ancient Egyptian religion, the afterlife was considered an important aspect of existence, and the Egyptians had elaborate beliefs and customs surrounding it. Pyramids, mummification, and immortality are some of the first words that come to mind when we think of the Egyptian civilization and their belief in the afterlife. The ancient Egyptian civilization had …

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