The Most Important Roman Inventions: Aqueducts, Roman Numerals, Sewage Systems, and More!

Roman inventions

From aqueducts, Roman numerals, sewage systems, architectural arches, underground heating, and books to a postal service, and much more, ancient Roman inventions changed the world and many are still in use today. Given the long history of Ancient Rome, its Republic, and its later Emperors, it is no surprise that the famous civilization invented a …

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Roman Slaves: Slavery in Ancient Rome

roman slaves

Roman slaves were an ever-present and essential part of Roman society and its long history. Just as their functions in that society were multifarious – ranging from cooks, gardeners, builders, and gladiators – so were their regions of origin. Unlike in other periods of time, the race or ethnicity of slaves in ancient Rome was …

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Roman Emperors in Order: The Complete List from Caesar to the Fall of Rome

roman emperors in order

The Roman state began as a semi-mythical and small-scale monarchy in the 10th century BC. It later prospered as an expansionist republic from 509 BC onwards. Then, in 27 BC, it became an empire. Its leaders, the emperors of Rome, went on to become some of the most powerful heads of state in history. Here …

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The Worst Roman Emperors: The Complete List of Rome’s Worst Tyrants

the worst roman emperors

Out of the long catalog of Emperors from ancient Rome, there are those who, for one reason or another, stand out amongst their predecessors and successors. Whilst some, such as Trajan or Marcus Aurelius, have become famous for their astute ability to rule their vast domains, there are others, such as Caligula and Nero, whose …

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Charon: Ferryman of the Underworld

Charon greek god

Charon is a significant figure from Greek mythology associated with the realm of the dead. He is often depicted as an old, grim, and rugged figure with a long beard and tattered clothing, using a long pole to steer the ferry across the river. He is the ferryman of the underworld, responsible for transporting the …

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Neptune: Roman God of the Sea

neptune god

Neptune was a Roman god of the sea and freshwater bodies as well as of earthquakes and horses. He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon, was one of the major gods in the Roman pantheon, and played a significant role in their religious beliefs and practices. Neptune was depicted as a mature, …

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