Digging into Hopelessness: The Battle of Stalingrad

The year was 1942. Germany had boldly declared war against the Soviet Union in a mad bid to seize control of Russian territory. Once allies, Hitler and Stalin now found themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield and the fighting was going to be brutal. Germany had made some crucial victories already, seizing territory and moving forces closer and closer towards Moscow. The Red Army was formidable, but the Wehrmacht was making strides in their movements.

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The Battle of Guadalcanal: The Airfield from Hell

America was changed when it was struck by the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Overnight, America went from having a non-interventionist policy to a declaration of war against Japan. The sleeping giant woke up and began to mobilize. The Pacific War began and America moved towards a new kind of enemy, one that they had never faced before.

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Pearl Harbor: A Day in Infamy

Many of us know about the attack on pearl harbor. In fact, America has a day of remembrance known as Pearl Harbor day. The picture of attack planes flying overhead, shooting at American ships and personnel has been ingrained into the words Pearl Harbor. The effects of such an attack were widespread, for it signaled America’s entry into World War Two, the creation of the Pacific Theatre of War and led to a long, brutal conflict with Imperialist Japan.

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Tough Terms: The Treaty of Versailles

World War I was unlike anything that the world had ever seen before. The chaos, tragedy and terror of mechanized warfare, combined arms, artillery and firearms forever changed the way the world would view warfare. World War I was a rude awakening as to what the nature of war would be from now on and it would live on in infamy in the hearts and minds of millions of people. The Great War, as it was called, took the lives of millions and was a bloody and brutal conflict through and through. The end was a very welcome sight amongst all of those involved, yet the final surrender of the belligerent nation, Germany, would open the door to a long, convoluted process that would ultimately culminate in the rise of Nazi Germany. This process can be linked back to one single document: The Treaty of Versailles.

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