Somnus: The Personification of Sleep

Somus Roman god of sleep

Even as a fan of Greco-Roman mythology, you may be forgiven for never having heard the name of Somnus. One of the more obscure deities in Greco-Roman mythology, Somnus or Hypnos (as was his Greek name) is the shadowy Roman god of sleep.¬† Indeed, he was considered the personification of sleep by the ancient Greeks …

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Minerva: Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Justice


Minerva is a name that everyone will be familiar with. The Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, law, and victory is an extremely important part of the Roman pantheon and plays many important roles, such as the patron and sponsor of the arts and trade and even military strategy. While her association with war and battle …

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Bacchus: Roman God of Wine and Merrymaking

Bacchus god of merrymaking

The name Bacchus may be known to many people. As the Roman god of wine, agriculture, fertility, and revelry, he formed a very important part of the Roman pantheon. Also venerated by the Romans as Liber Pater, it is especially difficult to extricate the myths and beliefs of the Romans and the Greeks about Bacchus.  …

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