Who Invented Democracy? The True History Behind Democracy

who invented democracy

The term democracy, originating from Greek words that mean “rule by the people,” has become synonymous with a form of government where all eligible state members have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. The concept of democracy has ancient roots and did not have a single inventor. Various forms of democratic …

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Medieval Fashion: Tunics, Underclothes, Pointed Shoes, and More!

medieval fashion

Medieval fashion refers to the clothing worn by Europeans during the Middle Ages, which began in roughly 500 BCE and ended in 1500 CE.  What is Medieval Fashion?  Medieval fashion is the different clothing styles and trends that were worn by the people of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages spans from the …

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37 Underground Cities: The Hidden Pillars of Civilization

underground cities

Ancient underground cities are fascinating historical and archaeological discoveries found in various parts of the world. These cities were typically carved out of solid rock or constructed underground to provide shelter, protection, and refuge to their inhabitants. They often served as defensive structures, hiding places during times of war, or places of habitation during harsh …

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