Heimdall: The Watchman of Asgard


Norse mythology is brimming with interesting characters, who continue to capture our imaginations. One such character is Heimdall, the mysterious guardian of Asgard, and watchman of the Aesir tribe of Norse gods. From his home, Himinbjörg, or Heaven Fells, situated at the entrance to Asgard, Heimdall sits on the edge of heaven, keeping watch. The …

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Odin: The Shapeshifting Norse God of Wisdom 

Odin god of thunder

Odin, the one-eyed Norse god of wisdom, battle, magic, death, and knowledge has been known by many names. Odin, Woden, Wuotan, or Woden, sits at the top of the godly hierarchy of the Norse pantheon.  The main god of the Norse pantheon has been called many names throughout history and has donned many different guises. …

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Echidna: Half Woman, Half Snake of Greece


Ancient Greek myths are filled with terrifying monsters, from child-gobbling bogeymen to enormous serpent-like dragons, ancient Greek heroes encountered them all. One of the most famous of these monsters is the  flesh-eating female monster called Echidna.  In Greek mythology, Echidna belonged to a class of monsters called Drakons, which translates to Dragon. Echidna was a …

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Aether: Primordial God of the Bright Upper Sky 


The ancient Greeks created a complex pantheon to explain the world around them and their existence in it. They created several generations of gods and goddesses, Aether was one such god. Aether belonged to the first generation of Greek gods, known as primordial deities.  The first group of Greek deities in the ancient Greek pantheon …

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Hermes’ Staff: The Caduceus 

Hermes' staff

In Greek mythology, the ambassador of the Olympian gods, Hermes, is often shown carrying a rather interesting serpent bearing staff. The staff is called a caduceus. Sometimes known as a wand, of Hermes’ staff was a powerful weapon symbolizing peace and rebirth.  With such a powerful-looking wand, one would expect Hermes to be a rather …

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