Gaius Gracchus

Gaius Graccus

Gaius Gracchus(159-121 BC) After the violent death of Tiberius Gracchus, the Gracchus family wasn’t finished yet. Gaius Gracchus, a flamboyant and powerful public speaker, was to be a far more formidable political force than his brother. The legacy of Tiberius Gracchus, the agrarian law, was being applied in a manner which created a fresh grievance …

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The Sutton Hoo Helmet: An Iron Face of the Vendel Period

Sutton Hoo Helmet

Sutton Hoo is a burial hill in the English county of Suffolk. It was found at the end of 1930, and probably the most significant archeological finds through the whole history of Great Britain were made there. Among these was a ship burial that dates back to the edge of the VI and VII centuries.This …

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