Theia: The Greek Goddess of Light 


Theia, sometimes written Thea, is one of the Greek Titanides. Theia is one of the twelve older generations of gods known as the Titans found in Greek mythology. Born from the primordial gods, the Titans were powerful beings who ruled long before the Olympians. Theia is the child of the earth goddess Gaia and the …

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The Oracle of Delphi: The Ancient Greek Fortuneteller

Oracle of Delphi

For nearly 2,000 years, the Oracle of Delphi was the most prominent religious figure of the Ancient Greek world. Many believed the oracle to be the messenger of the Greek god Apollo. Apollo was the god of light, music, knowledge, harmony, and prophecy. The ancient Greeks believed the Oracle spoke the words of the god, …

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The Satraps of Ancient Persia: The Guardians of the Realm

satraps of ancient persia

In ancient Persia, the term “satrap” referred to a provincial governor or ruler who governed a satrapy, which was a territorial division of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. The satraps were appointed by the central Persian authorities and were responsible for collecting taxes, maintaining order, and ensuring the loyalty of the local population to the Persian …

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