Aether: Primordial God of the Bright Upper Sky 


Aether is a primordial deity in Greek mythology representing the upper air or the pure, bright air that the gods breathed. Aether is one of the ancient elemental deities, alongside Chaos, Gaia (Earth), Tartarus (Underworld), and Eros (Love), and is often associated with light, the heavens, and the celestial realm. Who is Aether? What is …

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Hermes’ Staff: The Caduceus 

hermes' staff

In Greek mythology, Hermes’ staff is an interesting serpent-bearing staff carried by Hermes, the ambassador of the Olympian Gods. The staff is called a caduceus. Sometimes known as the wand of Hermes’, the staff was a powerful weapon symbolizing peace and rebirth. With such a powerful-looking wand, one would expect Hermes to be a rather …

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Eros: The Winged God of Desire 

god eros and psyche

Eros is the ancient Greek god of love, desire, and fertility. Eros is also one of the very first gods to appear at the beginning of time. However, In Greek mythology, there are several variations of the winged love god Eros. Despite their differences or how they came into being, the constant theme in each …

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Tartarus: The Greek Prison at the Bottom of Universe


Tartarus was one of the first primordial deities that came out of the yawning void that was Chaos, apart from Gaia, Eros, and Erebus. In the myth, Tartarus is both a deity and a place in Greek mythology that has existed since the beginning of time. Tartarus is a primordial force and the deep abyss …

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Daedalus: The Ancient Greek Problem Solver 


Daedalus is a mythical Greek inventor and problem solver who is one of the most well-known figures in Greek mythology. The myth of Daedalus and his son, Icarus, has been passed down from the Minoans. The Minoans thrived on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea from 3500 BCE. The stories of the genius Daedalus …

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Satyrs: Animal Spirits of Ancient Greece


A satyr is an animalistic nature spirit associated with fertility found within Greek and Roman mythology. Satyrs were short half-man, half-goat (or horse) like creatures with horns, tails, and long furry ears. In art, satyrs are always naked and depicted as being animalistic and hideous. Satyrs lived in remote forests and hills and could always be …

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