The Most Important Roman Inventions: Aqueducts, Roman Numerals, Sewage Systems, and More!

Roman inventions

From aqueducts, Roman numerals, sewage systems, architectural arches, underground heating, and books to a postal service, and much more, ancient Roman inventions changed the world and many are still in use today. Given the long history of Ancient Rome, its Republic, and its later Emperors, it is no surprise that the famous civilization invented a …

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Julius Caesar and Cleopatra: The Ancient World’s Power Couple

julius caesar and cleopatra

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra played significant roles in ancient history, and their relationship, while short-lived, had a significant impact on both their lives and the course of history. While they even allegedly produced a child together, theirs was a relationship forged primarily in their mutual need to grab and hold power in their individual domains. …

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The Origin of Easter Eggs: Pagan Background and Christian Traditions

origin of easter eggs

The origin of Easter eggs can be traced back to ancient pagan traditions and they were later incorporated into Christian celebrations. Eggs have long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and new life, but the precise origin of Easter eggs is not definitively known, and various theories and interpretations exist. Today, Easter eggs continue to be …

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The Origin of Corn: Unraveling the History of a Staple Crop 


The origin of corn can be traced back to ancient Mesoamerica, specifically to an area that includes present-day Mexico and Central America. Corn, also known as maize and Zea mays was domesticated by indigenous peoples in this region thousands of years ago and has a rich history as a staple crop that has deeply influenced …

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Origins of Judaism: The History of Judaism and How Old Is Judaism?

origins of judaism

The origins of Judaism can be traced back to ancient times and the region of the Middle East known as Canaan (present-day Israel and Palestine). Judaism is considered one of the oldest monotheistic religions, with its roots dating back over 3,000 years. According to Jewish tradition and biblical accounts, Judaism was founded by the patriarch …

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Ancient Cities: Pompeii, Rome, Teotihuacan, Palmyra, and More!

ancient cities - the acropolis

From Pompeii and Rome to Teotihuacan and beautiful Palmyra, ancient cities stand as remarkable testaments to the achievements of past civilizations, providing us with a window into the lives and societies of our ancestors. These urban centers, built centuries ago, offer a treasure trove of historical and archaeological evidence that allows us to piece together …

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