Roman Baths: Ancient Hygiene, Healing, and Socialization 

roman baths

Roman baths were much more than mere bathing facilities; they were integral to ancient Roman society, serving as places of hygiene, socialization, and even healing. These magnificent structures were meticulously designed, with grand architectural features that showcased the prowess and opulence of the Roman Empire. What are Roman Baths? Roman baths were large, multi-story buildings …

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Chinese Mythology: History, Culture, Myths, and Heroes

chinese mythology

Chinese mythology refers to the myths, legends, and folklore of the collective regions that make up modern China. Originating from rich oral tradition, Chinese mythology and the vibrant history surrounding it are eons old. Today, most of China practices some form of folk religion, Buddhism, or Taoism. Other mainstay religions include Christianity and Islam. What …

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How Did Julius Caesar Die? Betrayed and Stabbed to Death

how did julius caesar die

Julius Caesar was assassinated by 23 knife stabs from his political opponents. The events surrounding Caesar’s demise mark a significant turning point in Roman history, leading to political unrest and ultimately shaping the course of the Roman Republic and Empire. What was the plot against Julius Caesar? And who became the subsequent Emperor? How Did …

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How the Samnites Inspired the Roman Empire


The Samnites were an ancient civilization, mostly located in southern Italy. While first at war with the Romans, they eventually became Rome’s allies as they were integrated as a part of the wider Roman identity. However, the Samnite people potentially influenced the Romans more than the other way around. After they defeated the Samnites, the …

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Roman Women: Mothers, Daughters, Priestesses, and Augustas

roman women

Roman women were the silent wives, the mothers, the daughters, and the priestesses in the background. Even when they were queens, their voices came after the men around them. So what were the Roman women like? What kind of lives did women live in the Roman Empire? What kind of laws and policies did ancient …

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Top 10 Ancient Mysteries: The Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, and More!

ancient mysteries

Ancient mysteries refer to a multitude of events, artifacts, and enigmatic questions that baffle and captivate scientists and scholars alike. From the Nazca Lines, the Plain of Jars, and Stonehenge to the Antikythera Mechanism, the past is filled with unsolved mysteries. These strange objects and artifacts from lost ancient civilizations continue to capture our imaginations …

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