Vesta: The Roman Goddess of the Home and the Hearth

vesta goddess

Being able to conduct discipline just through eye contact and emanating the virtue of a leader are priceless qualities in a person. After all, such traits are found within people who lead an entire league of individuals in dire need of constant recalibration and protection. Like a shepherd protecting his sheep with his staff, people …

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Loki: Norse God of Mischief and Excellent Shapeshifter


Although most people probably think of Tom Hiddleston when the name Loki is mentioned, there is actually a lot more to the story. As with many other Marvel movies, the actor was named after an intriguing Norse god. Actually, a Norse god that is probably a lot more eventful than the characters in Marvel movies.  …

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Bastet: Ancient Egypts Most Important Cat Goddess


One of the most popular domestic cat species is the Serengti cat. Despite being a domestic cat breed, they might actually represent something much bigger. Their pointed ears, long bodies, and patterns on their coats resemble a lot the cats that were worshiped in ancient Egypt. Okay, really any cat was seen as an important …

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Anubis: The Jackal God of Ancient Egypt


Among the pantheon of Ancient Egypt are only a few gods that are instantly recognizable. The god of the dead, Anubis, is one of them. A major character in the Osiris myth, the progenitor of the mummification ritual, and an image featured in most ancient tombs of Egypt, Anubis has been front and center for …

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