Vestal Virgins: Guardians of Rome’s Heart(h)

vestal virgins

The Vestal Virgins played a vital role in safeguarding the flame that represented the hearth of Rome. They were entrusted with this responsibility in service of the goddess Vesta, carrying out her demands with meticulous care and devotion. Of course, the flame had a profound meaning. Roman leaders and citizens believed that as long as …

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Slavic Mythology: Gods, Legends, Characters, and Culture

Slavic mythology

Ancient Slavic mythology is a religion shrouded in mystery. After the Christian church rose to prominence in Slavic nations throughout the 7th and 12th centuries CE, much of the pagan faith was abandoned. The Slavic gods that once were the focal point of Slavic religion became forgotten, if not completely replaced by Christian saints. However, …

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Luna Goddess: The Majestic Roman Moon Goddess 

luna goddess

Luna goddess is the Roman goddess of the moon, often associated with nocturnal magic, secrets, and mysteries. She was also believed to have the power to grant fertility and aid with childbirth. Luna is the equivalent of Selene, the ancient Greek moon deity, and is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon …

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Egyptian Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mythology: the Gods, Heroes, Culture, and Stories of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths and religious practices belonging to the Nile River Valley civilization. The beliefs of the ancient civilization lasted until the fall of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in 30 BCE at the hands of the Roman Empire. Thereafter, Egypt became a Roman subdivision and Christianity became the main religion of …

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