Sigyn: The Norse Goddess of Devotion and Compassion


Sigyn is a well-known figure in Norse mythology. She is a goddess associated with loyalty, devotion, and compassion and the wife of one of the most mischievous Norse gods – Loki. Who is Sigyn? Sigyn is a Norse Goddess, the wife of the trickster god Loki. Her name means ‘friend of victory,’ or ‘giver.’ She …

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Sekhmet: Egypt’s Forgotten Esoteric Goddess


Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of fire, hunting, wild animals, death, war, violence, retribution, justice, magic, heaven and hell, plague, chaos, the desert/mid-day sun, and medicine and healing – Egypt’s most peculiar goddess. Who is Sekhmet? Sekhmet is a powerful and unique therianthropic (part-animal, part human-like) mother goddess from ancient Egypt. Her name literally means …

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