Sigyn: The Norse Goddess of Devotion and Compassion


Sigyn is a well-known figure in Norse mythology. She is a goddess associated with loyalty, devotion, and compassion and the wife of one of the most mischievous Norse gods – Loki. Who is Sigyn? Sigyn is a Norse Goddess, the wife of the trickster god Loki. Her name means ‘friend of victory,’ or ‘giver.’ She …

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Chaos, and Destruction: The Symbolism of Angrboda in Norse Mythology and Beyond


The character of Angrboda is a lesser-known but complex figure in Norse mythology. Often associated with chaos and destruction, she has connections to three dangerous beings, but her character is more nuanced and richer than just her relationship with other gods, as it encompasses her powerful magical abilities, her prophetic knowledge, and her formidable presence …

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Skadi: The Norse Goddess of Skiing, Hunting, and Pranks

norse goddess skadi

Skadi, the giantess goddess of Norse mythology, is a captivating figure that stands out for her multifaceted nature. Her story reflects the complex beliefs and practices of the Norse people, and her role in Norse mythology is both significant and enduring. As a goddess, she is revered for her association with winter, hunting, and skiing, …

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