Skadi: The Norse Goddess of Skiing, Hunting, and Pranks

norse goddess skadi

Skadi, the giantess goddess of Norse mythology, is a captivating figure that stands out for her multifaceted nature. Her story reflects the complex beliefs and practices of the Norse people, and her role in Norse mythology is both significant and enduring. As a goddess, she is revered for her association with winter, hunting, and skiing, …

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Vili: The Mysterious and Powerful Norse God

vili - norse creation god

Mostly known as Odin’s brothers, Villi and Vé played an important role in Norse mythology. Together, they created the universe and brought cognition, speech, spirituality, sight, and hearing to humans. However, centuries before Christianization took place only Odin appears to be worshipped while his brothers are disappearing. Little is known about Vili outside the Norse …

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Valkyries: Choosers of the Slain


There is more to a given mythology than just gods and monsters. From the Greek nymphs and the Irish fey to the angels of the Abrahamic traditions, mythologies are also populated with various lesser mystical beings – sometimes messengers, soldiers, and other servants who act on the gods’ behalf, sometimes simply entities that fall somewhere …

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Norse Mythology: Legends, Characters, Deities, and Culture

norse mythology

Norse mythology encapsulates the religious beliefs of ancient Scandinavian societies. Known by some as the religion of the Vikings, Norse myths were orally shared for hundreds of years before the introduction of Christianity. Tales of daring were told through skaldic poetry, while legends became permanently ingrained in the history of would-be nations. Today we’ll tackle …

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Forseti: The God of Justice, Peace, and Truth in Norse Mythology

forseti god

Did you know that the modern Icelandic president is referred to as forseti? The name comes directly from the god Forseti, a god that is even worshiped to this very day by a small group of people. Associating Forseti, a god, with the role of the president seems like a bit of an overstatement. However, …

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