Tyr: Norse God of War and Treaties

tyr god

The Norse gods and goddesses of ancient Northern Germanic religion are a popular bunch. However, none were as popular with Germanic peoples and other divinities as Tyr. Move aside Baldr, we have a new favorite Old Norse god in town.  Tyr is pretty much walking, breathing justice and valor. He was strong – granted, not …

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Vidar: The Silent God of the Aesir

Vidar god

Vidar may be written about infrequently in the dozens of poems and stories of the Edda. He was less popular than his brother Thor. Despite this, the “avenging god” played an integral role in Norse mythology, killing Fenrir in Ragnarok, surviving those end times, and helping rule over the new earth.  Who Were the Parents …

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Odin: The Shapeshifting Norse God of Wisdom 

Odin god of thunder

Odin, the one-eyed Norse god of wisdom, battle, magic, death, and knowledge has been known by many names. Odin, Woden, Wuotan, or Woden, sits at the top of the godly hierarchy of the Norse pantheon.  The main god of the Norse pantheon has been called many names throughout history and has donned many different guises. …

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Loki: Norse God of Mischief and Excellent Shapeshifter


Although most people probably think of Tom Hiddleston when the name Loki is mentioned, there is actually a lot more to the story. As with many other Marvel movies, the actor was named after an intriguing Norse god. Actually, a Norse god that is probably a lot more eventful than the characters in Marvel movies.  …

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