Vomitorium: A Passage to the Roman Amphitheater or a Vomiting Room?


A Roman vomitorium might suggest some obscure room that allowed the Romans to get rid of their stomach content. However, a vomitorium was in no way related to vomiting. In fact, it was a common part of every amphitheater and Colosseum: it refers to the corridors that helped to ‘spit out’ the immense crowds which …

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The Picts: A Celtic Civilization That Resisted the Romans

the picts

The Picts were a civilization in ancient Scotland, notorious for their fierce resistance when the Romans arrived and decided to invade them. They’re famous for their body paint during battle. They turned out to be excellent Hollywood material since the people and their body paint have been reproduced in many famous movies. Perhaps most famously …

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The Lighthouse of Alexandria: One of the Seven Wonders

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, was a lighthouse towering over the ancient city of Alexandria. The city is still relevant to this day and the lighthouse was located on the eastern point of the Pharos island. It’s renowned for its remarkable architecture because the sheer height of the structure …

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Lady Godiva: Who Was Lady Godiva and What’s the Truth Behind Her Ride

lady godiva

Lady Godiva was an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who became famous for riding naked through the streets on the back of her horse. She did so in protest against her husband, trying to persuade him to reduce the taxes of the region they ruled. However, historians are more and more debating the legitimacy of her story. …

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Spartan Training: Brutal Training That Produced World’s Best Warriors

spartan training - young spartans

Spartan training is the intense physical training that the ancient Spartans of Greece underwent in order to become formidable warriors. The Spartan training regimen was known for its emphasis on strength, endurance, and mental toughness. But why was it so notorious? And why did it make them so famous? Or rather, what did the Spartan …

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Who Discovered America: The First People Who Reached the Americas

who discovered america

If you ask anyone who discovered America you will notice that Christopher Columbus is often credited with discovering America in 1492, but it’s important to note that there were already indigenous people living in the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus arrived. Additionally, there is evidence that Norse explorers had reached North America centuries …

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