Bastet: Ancient Egypt’s Most Important Cat Goddess


One of the most popular domestic cat species is the Serengti cat. Despite being a domestic cat breed, they might actually represent something much bigger. Their pointed ears, long bodies, and patterns on their coats resemble a lot the cats that were worshiped in ancient Egypt. Okay, really any cat was seen as an important …

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Ceres: Roman Goddess of Fertility and the Commoners

Ceres goddess

On the first of January in 1801, an Italian astronomer by the name of Giuseppe Piazzi discovered a whole new planet. While others were celebrating the new year, Giuseppe was busy doing other things. But, you got to give it to him, discovering a new planet is quite impressive. Unfortunately, it was a bit less …

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Diana: Roman Goddess of the Hunt

diana goddess

In 1997, the sister of the king of Great Britain, Princess Diana, died in a tragic car accident. A polarizing figure in British culture, her death was a tragic event that resounded around the world. In a docuseries called Panorama, the persona of the princess is described through a reference to one of the ancient …

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Venus: The Mother of Rome and Goddess of Love and Fertility

venus feature

There is a ranking to indicate how affectionate inhabitants of a certain country are. The P.D.A. rankings, an acronym for Public Displays of Affection, measures how often inhabitants of a certain country hold hands, embrace each other, and kiss each other.  Some countries in South America make a good case for being the most passionate, …

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Morpheus: The Greek Dream Maker 

Morpheus greek god of dreams

We sleep around one-third of our lives. If you live to around 90 years old, that means you will spend close to 30 years of your life with your eyes closed. Thinking about dreams can become quite weird. It isn’t something with a clear and beginning and end. Yet, it has inspired a great deal …

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The Story of Pegasus: More than a Winged Horse

Pegasus winged horse

An immortal winged horse with the name Pegasus is still widely known today. From popular games like Assassin’s Creed, to television shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, to several Marvel movies, the winged horse is a widely used creature that speaks to the imagination. But, not many people might be aware of the fact that Pegasus has a …

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