Viking Food: Horse Meat, Fermented Fish, and More!

viking food

Whether it was their daily stew, their seasonal vegetables, their wild fruits, the fresh milk products, or oats and cereal, the Viking diet certainly made them into the legendary warriors everybody knows. Viking food was diverse and nutritious for all layers of society, which is also something highly unusual in medieval times. How come they …

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Clovis People: The Ancestors of All Native Americans

clovis people

The Clovis people were long believed to be the very first settlers on North American soil. Over time, however, this was debunked by other archeological discoveries. That doesn’t make this ancient culture any less interesting. Actually, they were one of the few that were able to spread so far so rapidly. Additionally, recent research shows …

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How Did Beethoven Die? Liver Disease and Other Causes of Death

How Did Beethoven Die

It’s no secret that Ludwig van Beethoven died as a result of liver problems. However, he also experienced many other health problems during his life. The classical composer had to deal with a combination of viruses, intestinal problems, and hearing problems, which were catalyzed by his health habits. This toxic combination is at the foundation …

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