The Furies: Goddesses of Vengeance or Justice?

The furies

What makes the underworld something to be afraid of? If you are interested in Greek or Roman mythology, you might have encountered one of the many gods of the underworld like Pluto or Hades. As guardians of the underworld, and famed gods of death, they make sure that the ones who belong to the underworld …

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Asclepius: Greek God of Medicine and the Rod of Asclepius.

Asclepius god

If you get prescribed medicines from your doctor or pharmacy, it is often that you see a snake in one of the logos on the packaging. Even the World Health Organization uses a snake in its logo. But, doesn’t it seem rather contradictory to use a snake as a symbol for health? After all, some …

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Pluto: The Roman God of the Underworld

pluto god

Some of you may know Pluto as a Disney character. But, did you know that the character was actually named after a dwarf planet in our solar system? And then again, did you know that the name of this dwarf planet was based on a god of ancient Greece and ancient Rome? Indeed, even Disney …

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The Roman Tetrarchy: An Attempt to Stabilize Rome

Roman tetrarchy

The Roman empire is one of the best known and documented empires in the history of our world. It saw many influential emperors and developed novel political and military strategies that are in some form still useful to this day.  As a polity, the Roman empire covered large territories around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, …

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15 Chinese Gods from Ancient Chinese Religion

Chinese gods

Looking at the title of this article you might think: Chinese gods, isn’t that a contradiction? From the outside it seems that there is little room for religion in Chinese culture. The policy that has been implemented by the ruling Chinese Communist Party over the last decades has resulted in persecution of religious groups, or …

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