Tlaloc: The Rain God of the Aztecs


An often-used phrase in Mesoamerican (environmental) politics is la agua es vida: water is life. Even the Aztecs had a strong emphasis on water, and any deity that is related to this realm was per definition of great importance. The Aztec god Tlaloc was no different. Some of the most important Aztec temples have been …

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Forseti: The God of Justice, Peace, and Truth in Norse Mythology

forseti god

Did you know that the modern Icelandic president is referred to as forseti? The name comes directly from the god Forseti, a god that is even worshiped to this very day by a small group of people. Associating Forseti, a god, with the role of the president seems like a bit of an overstatement. However, …

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Quetzalcoatl: The Feathered Serpent Deity of Ancient Mesoamerica 


Are you still looking for a being that caused a solar eclipse? Well, look no further, because Quetzalcoatl is your guy. While at first a fully zoomorphic feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl would later be represented in his human form. The worship of Quetzalcoatl is wide-reaching, has a rich history, and exemplifies the complex world of Aztec …

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Medb: Queen of Connacht and Goddess of Sovereignty


Myths have, per definition, a certain level of fiction to them. Whether you think about Greek mythology, Chinese gods and mythology, or anything in between: they are never fully true. In fact, the characters in the stories often didn’t exist. Celtic mythology is a bit different, and Medb, the queen of Connacht and the goddess …

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