The Roman Tetrarchy: An Attempt to Stabilize Rome

Roman Tetrarchy

The Roman Tetrarchy refers to a system of governance established by the Roman Emperor Diocletian that marked a significant reorganization of the Roman Empire’s political structure and was intended to address the challenges of governing such a vast and diverse territory. Under the Tetrarchy, the Roman Empire was divided into two parts: the Western Roman …

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15 Chinese Gods from Ancient Chinese Religion: The Eight Immortals, Dragon Gods, and More!

Chinese gods

From Zhongli Quan and He Xiangu to the Dragon Gods of the Four Seas, Chinese mythology features a wide array of gods, goddesses, and divine beings, each with their own unique attributes and stories. Chinese pantheon is incredibly diverse and varies across different regions and historical periods, reflecting the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and …

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The 23 Most Important Aztec Gods and Goddesses

aztec gods

The Aztec empire, known back then as the Mexica, ruled central and southern Mexico for more than 250 years, between 1300 and 1541 AD. The empire brought together, through, trade, force, and tribute, countless different societies from the region of Mesoamerica, creating a melting pot of culture. How Many Gods Did the Aztecs Have? A …

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