The Life of Women in Ancient Greece

Women in Ancient Greece

One of the most commonly known facts about women in Ancient Greece is that they weren’t allowed to vote. While this is true for the Athena polias, the exclusion of women in politics didn’t occur in all the ancient Greek societies. Classical scholars uncover more and more complexities about the lives of ancient Greek women. …

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When Was Toilet Paper Invented? The History of Toilet Paper

When Was Toilet Paper Invented

Although the Indians, Romans, and Brits can claim to invent the flush toilet, the question ‘when was toilet paper invented?’ has a different answer. About half of the world’s population makes use of this hygienic tool, but toilet paper as we know it today didn’t pop up until relatively recently. When Was Toilet Paper Invented? …

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Mictlantecuhtli: God of Death in Aztec Mythology


Mictlantecuhtli is the god of death in ancient Aztec religion and was also one of the rulers of the Aztec underworld, Mictlan. But this deity also wasn’t so fond of such straightforward reasoning. The interaction between life and death in Aztec religion is circular. Death is a necessity since it prepares you for a new …

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Tlaloc: The Rain God of the Aztecs


An often-used phrase in Mesoamerican (environmental) politics is la agua es vida: water is life. Even the Aztecs had a strong emphasis on water, and any deity that is related to this realm was per definition of great importance. The Aztec god Tlaloc was no different. Some of the most important Aztec temples have been …

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