Japanese God of Death Shinigami: The Grim Reaper of Japan


Death is a fascinating phenomenon, not the least because every culture treats it differently. If you’re from Ghana, your coffin may take the form of an airplane, a Porsche, a Coca-Cola bottle, an animal, or even a giant cigarette packet. Outside of the shape and design of the coffins, however, there are many other differences …

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California Name Origin: Why Was California Named After A Black Queen?

California Name Origin

The starry glamor of Hollywood, the surfer and hippie vibes of Los Angeles, the beaches, the Mexican food, or just the overall kindness of the people: California is one of the most vibrant and well-known states in the United States. The actual inhabitants of California might even argue that the state can be divided into …

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The Hesperides: Greek Nymphs of the Golden Apple


Anyone will confirm that a beautiful sunset is something inspiring to witness. Many people go out of their way to find the most beautiful spots to watch the sunset, just for the sake of watching it. What is it that makes the setting sun and the golden hour just before so magical?  One might wonder …

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Amun: the Hidden King Of Gods In Ancient Egypt

amun egyptian gods

Zeus, Jupiter, and … Amun? The first two of the three names that are mentioned above are generally known under a large audience. Indeed, they are the gods that are of high importance in Greek mythology as well as Roman . However, Amun is a name that is generally less known.  However, there is no …

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