How the Samnites Inspired the Roman Empire


The Samnites were an ancient civilization, mostly located in southern Italy. While first at war with the Romans, they eventually became Rome’s allies as they were integrated as a part of the wider Roman identity. However, the Samnite people potentially influenced the Romans more than the other way around. After they defeated the Samnites, the …

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Vestal Virgins: Guardians of Rome’s Heart(h)

vestal virgins

The Vestal Virgins played a vital role in safeguarding the flame that represented the hearth of Rome. They were entrusted with this responsibility in service of the goddess Vesta, carrying out her demands with meticulous care and devotion. Of course, the flame had a profound meaning. Roman leaders and citizens believed that as long as …

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Medieval Torture Devices: The Rack, Impalement Sticks, and More!

medieval torture devices

From the rack, Iron Maiden, and breaking wheel, to the impalement sticks and more, medieval torture devices were instruments used during the Middle Ages to inflict pain and punishment on individuals, often as a means of interrogation, punishment, or public execution. These devices were designed to cause immense suffering, both physically and psychologically, and were …

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Mayan Weapons: From Spears to Cotton Armor

mayan weapons

The ancient Maya civilization was known for its formidable array of weapons. From spears to blowguns, a Mayan warrior was always equipped with the best weapons available. Like all other civilizations, the Maya civilization needed weapons to defend their lands. Eventually, however, the use of weapons also supported conflict in different city-states; meaning the eventual …

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Viking Weapons: From Farm Tools to War Weaponry

viking weapons

The Vikings were notorious fighters for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons, however, is the elaborate arsenal of Viking weapons. Although many of these weapons were just former farm tools, eventually they developed into something far more deadly. From the point that the Scandinavian people started to perform raids onwards, these tools …

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