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Volume 111 Number 4 The October issue contains three articles and an AHR Forum, along with our usual extensive book review section. The articles take us first to the moon (in the company of seventeenth-century English writers), then to late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Africa, and finally to the Roman Empire. The Forum is on the timely subject of anti-Americanism.

AHR 111.4

Cover Illustration: Anti-Americanism has not always been the kind of front-page news that it currently is, but it is a wide-ranging phenomenon with a long and complex history. Hostility toward the United States around the world has ebbed and flowed in response to a variety of factors, from U.S. foreign policy to capitalism to the pervasive influence of U.S. culture and the overall “American way of life.” The contributors to the AHR Forum in this issue look at anti-Americanism from the perspective of four different geographical regions—Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East—attempting to place it in a historical context that might help us better understand its contemporary manifestations. The “Demon of Liberty” depicted in our cover image was created by Chinese students in 1999 to protest the U.S. bombing of China’s embassy in Belgrade. Reprinted with assistance from Peter Hays Gries; original source unknown.

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Table of Contents


Early Modern Space Travel and the English Man in the Moon
By David Cressy

Morality Plays: Marriage, Church Courts, and Colonial Agency in Central Tanganyika, ca. 1876–1928
By Derek R. Peterson

Peregrini, Barbari, and Cives Romani: Concepts of Citizenship and the Legal Identity of Barbarians in the Later Roman Empire
By Ralph W. Mathisen

AHR Forum:

Introduction: Historical Perspectives on Anti-Americanism

Your Americanism and Mine: Americanism and Anti-Americanism in the Americas By Greg Grandin

Always Blame the Americans: Anti-Americanism in Europe in the Twentieth Century By Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht

America in Asian Eyes By Warren I. Cohen and Nancy Bernkopf Tucker

Anti-Americanism: It’s the Policies By Juan Cole