Morpheus: The Greek Dream Maker 

Morpheus greek god of dreams

We sleep around one-third of our lives. If you live to around 90 years old, that means you will spend close to 30 years of your life with your eyes closed. Thinking about dreams can become quite weird. It isn’t something with a clear and beginning and end. Yet, it has inspired a great deal …

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Centaurs: Half-Horse Men of Greek Mythology

Centaurs greek mythology

A centaur is a mythological creature belonging to Greek mythology. They are an infamous bunch with a reputation that precedes them, who apparently value good wine and worldly pleasures above all else. For a creature that is as notorious as the centaur, it is no wonder that their progenitor is described by Pindar as an …

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Achilles: Tragic Hero of the Trojan War

Achilles greek mythology

Achilles may be another of ancient Greece’s dashing heroes, but there is more to this soldier than a pretty face and mean right hook. As a hero, Achilles symbolized both mankind’s excellence and its extreme vulnerability. The Greeks of eld venerated this man: the bravest, most handsome, toughest of the Achaean forces. However, his sensitivity …

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The Empusa: Beautiful Monsters of Greek Mythology


When we read the ancient Greek legends and stories, we come across not just the Greek gods and goddesses but also many creatures that sound like they have come right out of a horror story. Or, more accurately, the horror stories that came about later were likely inspired by these mythical creatures of old. Certainly, …

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Hermes’ Staff: The Caduceus 

Hermes' staff

In Greek mythology, the ambassador of the Olympian gods, Hermes, is often shown carrying a rather interesting serpent bearing staff. The staff is called a caduceus. Sometimes known as a wand, of Hermes’ staff was a powerful weapon symbolizing peace and rebirth.  With such a powerful-looking wand, one would expect Hermes to be a rather …

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Erebus: the Primordial Greek God of Darkness


Erebus, the primordial god of deep darkness in Greek mythology, has no particular stories about him. Still, the terrible “otherness” of being defined as “completely empty” makes them infinitely intriguing. Erebus sits between Heaven and Earth, full of power and fury. Of course, the Greek god would then be the perfect name to give a …

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