Vidar: The Silent God of the Aesir

Vidar god

Vidar may be written about infrequently in the dozens of poems and stories of the Edda. He was less popular than his brother Thor. Despite this, the “avenging god” played an integral role in Norse mythology, killing Fenrir in Ragnarok, surviving those end times, and helping rule over the new earth.  Who Were the Parents …

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Anubis: The Jackal God of Ancient Egypt


Among the pantheon of Ancient Egypt are only a few gods that are instantly recognizable. The god of the dead, Anubis, is one of them. A major character in the Osiris myth, the progenitor of the mummification ritual, and an image featured in most ancient tombs of Egypt, Anubis has been front and center for …

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Chaos: Greek God of Air, and Parent of Everything

Chaos god

A “rude and undeveloped mass” and yet also “an empty void,” the gloomy Chaos is both a being and not, a god and not. She is best described as the oxymoron of “a shapeless heap”, both contradictory and all-encompassing. The huge chaos, in essence, is the very foundation in which the universe exists, being the …

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Erebus: the Primordial Greek God of Darkness


Erebus, the primordial god of deep darkness in Greek mythology, has no particular stories about him. Still, the terrible “otherness” of being defined as “completely empty” makes them infinitely intriguing. Erebus sits between Heaven and Earth, full of power and fury. Of course, the Greek god would then be the perfect name to give a …

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