Mnemosyne: Goddess of Memory, and Mother of The Muses

Mnemosyne goddess of memory

Mnemosyne is one of the Titan gods, the great gods that existed before the more famous Olympian gods. Sister of Cronus and aunt of Zeus, her relationship with the latter produced the Muses, who inspire all the creative endeavors ever produced by humanity. While rarely worshiped, Mnemosyne plays an essential role in Greek mythology thanks …

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The History and Importance of Poseidon’s Trident

Poseidon's trident

As recognizable as Zeus’s thunderbolt, or Hermes’ winged boots, Poseidon’s Trident is one of those key symbols of Greek mythology.  The legendary weapon was seen in the hands of the sea god from the very beginning of Greek civilization and was passed on to his Roman counterpart, Neptune. Now a symbol seen found throughout art …

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