Viking Food: Horse Meat, Fermented Fish, and More!

viking food

Whether it was their daily stew, their seasonal vegetables, their wild fruits, the fresh milk products, or oats and cereal, the Viking diet certainly made them into the legendary warriors everybody knows. Viking food was diverse and nutritious for all layers of society, which is also something highly unusual in medieval times. How come they …

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How Did Vlad the Impaler Die: Potential Murderers and Conspiracy Theories

how did vlad the impaler die

Killed in battle against the powerful Ottoman Empire, the exact circumstances of Vlad the Impaler’s death remain a mystery. Perhaps he died during the fighting itself. Perhaps he was finished off by assassins who had been assigned that specific task. Most people now know that man only as the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. …

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The Lives of Viking Women: Homesteading, Business, Marriage, Magic, and More!

viking women

‘Viking women’ is the term that is usually used to refer to the Norse women who lived during the Viking Age. Now, people know that they usually held more power and responsibility than most women of other civilizations of the time. They were farmers, businesswomen, seers, priestesses, and even in some cases warriors. They ran …

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