How Did Beethoven Die? Liver Disease and Other Causes of Death

How Did Beethoven Die

It’s no secret that Ludwig van Beethoven died as a result of liver problems. However, he also experienced many other health problems during his life. The classical composer had to deal with a combination of viruses, intestinal problems, and hearing problems, which were catalyzed by his health habits. This toxic combination is at the foundation …

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How Did Napoleon Die: Stomach Cancer, Poison, or Something Else?

how did napoleon die

Napoleon died of stomach cancer, but there were still many conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding the handling of his body after his death. While today’s historians do not believe he was poisoned, they still have much to learn about the circumstances of the emperor’s health in his final days. How Did Napoleon Die? Napoleon most …

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Lady Godiva: Who Was Lady Godiva and What’s the Truth Behind Her Ride

lady godiva

Lady Godiva was an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who became famous for riding naked through the streets on the back of her horse. She did so in protest against her husband, trying to persuade him to reduce the taxes of the region they ruled. However, historians are more and more debating the legitimacy of her story. …

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Medieval Weapons: What Common Weapons Were Used in the Medieval Period?

Medieval Weapons

By the middle ages or medieval period, European blacksmiths could produce high-quality weapons for soldiers at a mass level. The knight class would expect ornately carved pieces that were combat-ready, while foot soldiers were happy for anything sturdy and reliable. Many of the medieval weapons, such as the sword and bow, had been used for …

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