The Empusa: Beautiful Monsters of Greek Mythology


When we read the ancient Greek legends and stories, we come across not just the Greek gods and goddesses but also many creatures that sound like they have come right out of a horror story. Or, more accurately, the horror stories that came about later were likely inspired by these mythical creatures of old. Certainly, …

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Iapetus: Greek Titan God of Mortality


Familiar as we are with the names of the major Olympian gods like Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hades, it does come as something of a surprise when we learn that these mighty gods were not the originals. There existed before them an entire race of beings, immense in both stature and power, who were …

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Selene: The Titan and Greek Goddess of the Moon

Selene greek goddess of the moon

If you have read Greek mythology and the famous epics of ancient Greece, you may be quite familiar with her brother Helios. However, hers might not be a name that is quite as well-known. Selene, one of the younger generation of Titans, was also the Greek goddess of the moon. Not only was she the …

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Pandora’s Box: The Myth Behind the Popular Idiom

pandora's box

You may be familiar with the saying, “It would open a Pandora’s box of problems.” Most people know this to be synonymous with “very bad news” but that does not answer many questions. After all, you might wonder, what was Pandora’s box? Who was Pandora? Why would opening the box create so many problems? What …

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Saturn: Roman God of Agriculture 


If you have read anything about Roman mythology and their gods, the chances are that you have heard of Saturn, most probably in connection with the festivals that were dedicated to the god of agriculture. Associated with agriculture, harvest, wealth, abundance, and time, Saturn was one of the most powerful gods of the archaic Romans.  …

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Themis: Titan Goddess of Divine Law and Order

themis goddess

One of the original twelve Titan gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, Themis was the goddess of divine law and order. She was seen as the personification of justice and fairness, of law and order, of wisdom and good counsel and she was portrayed with several symbols to signify her relationship with justice. She was …

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