Commodus: The First Ruler of the End of Rome

Commodus: The First Ruler of the End of Rome 1

Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, commonly known more briefly as Commodus, was the 18th emperor of the Roman Empire and the last of the widely praised “Nerva-Antonine Dynasty.” He was, however, instrumental in the downfall and demise of that dynasty and is remembered in sharp contrast to his close predecessors. Indeed, his image and identity …

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The Fall of Rome: When, Why, and How Did Rome Fall?

Europe at the time of the the fall of western roman empire

The fall of Rome and of the Western Roman Empire was a complex process driven by a combination of economic, political, military, and social factors, along with external barbarian invasions. It took place over several centuries and culminated in the deposition of the last Roman emperor in 476 CE. When Did Rome Fall? The generally …

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The Twelve Tables: The Foundation of Roman Law

twelve tables roman law

Like the Magna Carta, the US Constitution, or the Rights of Man, the Twelve Tables are rightly considered one of the foundational bits of legislation for Western law and legal practice. Spawned from a class conflict that was raging in Republican Rome, they outlined the rights of every citizen of the ancient state. What Were …

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The Five Good Emperors: The High Point of the Roman Empire

Five Good Emperors

The “Five Good Emperors” is a term used to refer to Roman emperors who are recognized for their relatively stable and prosperous rule and their efforts to improve governance and administration. They have been depicted as model rulers throughout history, from writers around the time (like Cassius Dio), to famous figures in the Renaissance and …

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